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  Poodle Rescue:


   The Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. actively supports Poodle Rescue. Poodle Rescue has two functions: aiding in the adoption of homeless poodles and providing a temporary home for Poodles that are owner give ups.  Some of our members can foster a Poodle if  for some reason you have to give it up.


If you would like to adopt a Poodle please preview our Adoption Form and Home Evaluation Form.  If you are considering giving up your Poodle please review our Poodle Release Form.  The applicable form(s) should be completed and e-mailed to: Kathy Merlock ( our Poodle Rescue Coordinator or mail the completed form to the following address: 

Enchanted Poodle Club
Poodle Rescue
PO Box 6895
Albuquerque, NM  87197



Black Standard Poodle   Today, we have mandatory animal legislation being enacted across the country in the guise of ridding shelters of pets being euthanized.  This so called �abundance� of unwanted pets we are led to believe is the fault of breeders.  Legislative entities prefer to blame someone other than themselves.  The public is led to believe that Animal Shelters are just that Shelters for homeless pets.  The truth is that legislative bodies don�t want the responsibility of caring for, training and re-homing these pets so they kill them and blame the public. 


    We hope this website will help educate the public to the importance of carefully selecting your dog, training it to live with you and caring for it appropriately.  We hope you have learned that a responsible breeder does health testing on the parents, socialization of the puppies, checks out the prospective home before placing the puppies, has a contract that states the puppy/dog can come back to them if for any reason you cannot keep it.  Responsible breeders have a commitment to their Poodles that they be placed in the best loving homes.


    Since a Poodle can be a fifteen year or more commitment, we hope you are educated now to choose the right Poodle for your lifestyle and personality.  When you adopt a Poodle, whatever variety, you are making a commitment to re-home that dog if for some reason it couldn�t stay with its original family.  You must not take for granted that the Poodle has been taught to live with people.  No matter the age of the Poodle that you adopt, you must begin the routine and schedule with it as if you had just brought home a young puppy. 

Brown Toy Poodle   The Poodle will exhibit anxiety when left alone so begin crate training immediately.  The crate keeps the dog safe when you are not around and gives you peace of mind that your house will be intact when you return.  Members of the Poodle Club can give you advice on crate training.  The Poodle may not be house trained.  Ask for help with this.

   When we take in a rescue Poodle, we will groom it.  Sometimes that is the first introduction to the grooming tools so training is started at that time.  Sometimes the rescue poodle has never been leash trained.  We do that before the Poodle is re-homed.  We recommend that the new owner enroll in an obedience class with the rescue Poodle.  This will help the dog bond more quickly to you and helps you to become a confident pact leader.

   We make sure the Poodle is spayed or neutered before it goes into a new home.  One of our members will foster the Poodle until the proper placement can be made.


   One of our members traveled with her job.  She found Poodles at various times that needed to be re-homed.  One of these Poodles, a miniature, had not been groomed in so many months that she couldn�t relieve itself without standing on her hind legs.  When another member groomed her, the coat was so matted it came off in one piece, similar to shearing a sheep wool.  "Fancy"  lives with the mother of the member who found her.  She scared away a burglar her first night in the home.

Poodle Rescue wearing a leg brace   Another of our rescues, lost in a storm, was taken to a veterinary office with a compound fracture of the leg.  No other rescue group had the dollars to pay for fixing the leg.  Our group was called.  We ascertained the options for repairing the leg and choose the less expensive option because one of our members could foster the Poodle and take care of the leg.  The leg healed and the Standard Poodle could run and jump normally again.  He was adopted by a loving family.

    One of our members adopted a miniature Poodle from the local animal shelter.  He hadn�t been groomed in months.  It had been hit by a car and was dragging a front leg.  Our member took it to a private veterinarian where the leg was x-rayed and checked.  It Rehomed Poodle Rescue wasn�t broken but there was severe nerve damage.  The member ordered a special orthopedic boot and "Charlie" instantly put pressure on the foot and leg and used it to balance himself.  The member found "Charlie" a wonderful home.

   Another member bought a lovely Standard Poodle but felt she needed a playmate.  �Ahluv" was happy being an only poodle, but seemed to miss playing with other dogs.  After much search we found Annie, a young female Standard Poodle in the St. Louis area that really touched our hearts.�  The couple knew when they saw and read about her that she belonged with their family.  After many e-mails to the rescue, who agreed to do an out of state adoption, and prayer, they went on an adventure RV trip to St. Louis during a heat wave in August to pick up "Annie".  Poodle Rescue who learned there is something to dance about

�AhLuv" was the happiest dog the rescue people had ever met which may have been helpful in easing their minds and letting "Annie" go back to New Mexico.  "Annie" is the sweetest dog.  She is a special needs dog, missing an eye and seems to have some slight nerve damage/sensitivity.  After much love and attention, one would never know she has any problems.  She can run, jump, give "AhLuv" a run for her money, eats well, sleeps well, plays well, travels well and takes walks well.

   Stella was adopted at one year old.  No one had ever told her "NO".  Stella has been her new owner's teacher this past year, introducing her to the world of dog training and  what can happen to a smart poodle girl given discipline, direction and a chance.  Stella has gotten her Canine Good Citizen and rally Excellent title.  We have fun in canine free style dancing. Agility is her next career.


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