Sad News

This news was left in our comments section, and I wanted to move it to its own post.

From Johanna Johanson: “For those of you who knew us, I am sad to tell you that my beloved standard poodle, Montclaire Lili Marlene, died last week. She was 13. We had such fun in agility and rally, and she was such a wonderful companion. I miss her terribly.”


2 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. Kathy Merlock says:

    Johanna, I am so sorry to hear of Lili’s passing. I remember watching you two compete in agility. She was a lovely poodle.

  2. Linda Carvalho says:

    Johanna, sad news. We have never met, however I understand your loss. Poodles have been in my life for over 50 years… they are most special… take good care of you

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