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White Poodle jumping through a tire


Black Standard Poodle participating in Agility


Silver Poodle doing Agility


Corded Poodle in Agility


White Standard Poodle - Puppy Trim






Toy Poodle, Miniture Poodle and Standard Poodle - Artist Laura Rogers
Artist Laura Rogers


  About the Enchanted Poodle Club:



   Welcome to the Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. (EPC) website.  We created this website to aid current poodle owners and prospective poodle owners with grooming, training and care of their poodle.   We want to share just plain poodle joy with other poodle owners The Poodle is versatile, intelligent, and just plain fun.  Welcome to the Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. (EPC) website.

Our next meeting will be in September 20014. Date and time to be announced. You are welcome to join us to meet our members and learn about what we do.


You are welcome to call Barbara Timmcke at 220-7206 for information on events.

   We created this website to aid current poodle owners and prospective poodle owners with grooming, training and care of their poodle.   We want to share just plain poodle joy with other poodle owners The Poodle is versatile, intelligent, and just plain fun. It is a high maintenance hair care dog. We have included links to websites to help teach you how to find your next poodle and to help you live with your current one.  We have members who can also help you.White Standard Poodle

   The Enchanted Poodle Club is based in New Mexico, an active club for over 40 years, is dedicated to the continued improvement of the pure bred poodle.  We have members from New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, California and Germany. 

   We hope to help prospective poodle owners understand the three varieties of poodle, their characteristics, health issues, care and training.  In other words are you right for the poodle and is the poodle the right dog for you.

   Guided by the Officers and  Board of Directors, the club is open to membership of poodle lovers.  The Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. is an affiliate member of The Poodle Club of America which is a member of The American Kennel Club.  The club meets seven times a year. Our poodles are included at any meeting where dogs are welcome.  Information about club meetings is included on our contact information page. 



    The Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. was formed in 1960 and incorporated in 1965 to support lovers of the Poodle, encourage knowledgeable breeding and to present the poodle to the public.  In the 1960�s there were few Poodles and the breed was maligned by those who didn�t understand the characteristics of the Poodle.  For almost fifty years the members of The Enchanted Poodle Club, Inc. have actively dedicated themselves to the education of the public about the Poodle and the improvement of the breed.

   Club members have presented the Poodle and its unique qualities at animal fairs, dog shows, regional obedience trails, grooming presentations, training sessions, seminars and at charity shows.  Members of The Club presented the three varieties of Poodles at the first Saturday Night Live event in downtown Albuquerque.

Brown Standard Poodle


   Our purpose is the improvement of the breed through education of breeders and prospective owners of poodles.   Our mission is:

  • To help the public understand the care, training and high maintenance grooming of the Poodle.
  • To help the public understand the temperament of the Poodle.
  • To rescue and foster Poodles in need.
  • To find loving and caring homes for Poodles in need.
  • To accept the standard of the breed  as approved by the American Kennel Club and the Poodle Club of America as the only standard of excellence by which the Poodle shall be judged.
  • To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred poodles.
  • To do all possible to bring the natural qualities of Poodles to perfection.
  • To do all in our power to protect and advance the interests of the breed.



   The Poodle is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, more can be learned about the history of the poodle by visiting  The Poodle has long been a European Black Toy Poodle Puppy companion and working dog.  It is represented in paintings from Spain, France and Germany from the 15th and 16th centuries.  The Standard Poodle is the oldest member of the group.  It seems that small sizes of Poodles came along quickly after.  

   The name Poodle is thought to have come from the German �pudel�, meaning to splash in the water.  It is thought that the Poodle was originally a water retriever, retaining these hunting instincts.   Over the years, Poodle owners have discovered the herding instincts of Poodles as well.  The Poodle is famous for its intelligence and ability to learn.  

   The Poodle is also a natural protector of property.  Humans who live with Poodles soon discover that they have become the property of the Poodle.  The Poodle will alert the human to any unusual happening in their area and have chased off intruders.  These qualities of the Poodle make it necessary for the human partner to obedience train the Poodle.

Standard Poodle who likes convertibles   It is important to know that the poodle hair continues to grow until it is scissored or clipped.  This hair growth in the wild could serve as a protective body cover for the Poodle.  However, in the home this continued hair growth becomes a high maintenance grooming issue.  An unkempt Poodle loses its classic look of elegance.


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